Do you know the feeling when you’ve outgrown something…some part of yourself that may have been needed or of use ‘back when’ but is now no longer helpful? There may be no better example of this than our relationship with our own Inner Critic. Who is this disgruntled Voice in us? Where did it come… Read More

The ‘Seeker’ Phase.  Beware of the ‘Naive’ Gene… I had a conversation recently with a young man who reminded me so much of myself at his age. He was overflowing with questions about the deeper meaning of life. There was a kind of restlessness in his soul he couldn’t quite put his finger on, a… Read More

Ego Is Not The Enemy To be on a path of self-development is no easy fate. There’s a singular kind of ‘calling’ that echoes up from the depths of the soul. To follow that thread, to answer the call, requires courage, curiosity and, most of all, love for the Truth. To trod the path towards… Read More

On spiritual paths, the term ‘dimensions’ can have many different interpretations, depending on the matrix a particular path is using. For example, some traditions refer to the 3rd dimension as the ‘plane of thought and mind’ and the 4th dimension as the ‘astral plane’. … Read More

“Ask yourself… Who am I?” That was the message left behind by the extraordinary Hindu mystic, Ramana Maharshi. It was his defining advice before he left this world and ‘passed over’. Be ultra-curious and inquire deeply into this one question: Who do I take my self to be? Why would one of the most luminous… Read More