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“Provocative and totally intriguing, Lucifer’s Game is a captivating combination of page-turner and eye-opener.”

Lucifer’s Game is a tale of intrigue. It takes you on a witty, yet profoundly deep dive into the inner realm of our very humanity. Jackson Trent, spiritual explorer and writer of the popular blog “Snap Out Of It!” ( has come to Hawai’i to heal his shattered heart. On the beach, he’s approached by a mysterious stranger who turns out to be Lucifer, under the guise of a corpulent, disheveled tourist. Lucifer, (who has his own dubious ‘anti-social media’ advice column convinces Jackson to spend the day with him, whereby they delve into a fascinating and provocative exploration between the Light and the Shadow of human consciousness. As the ‘caretaker’ of the Shadow side of our nature, just what is Lucifer really up to here? What’s his game with us? To his credit, Jackson seems to be holding his own, as they pass through a series of extraordinary occurrences. All the while, Lucifer skillfully attempts to ‘reel him in’ to his way of seeing things. Yes, Jackson’s handling himself admirably…until Lucifer ‘up’s the ante.’

At the same time, a love story begins to bloom, as Jackson is captivated by the beautiful Nalani, a master of hula, the ancient dance of these Polynesian islands. As the connection deepens between Nalani and Jackson, Lucifer uses this budding romance to his advantage, manipulating events in order to reveal to Jackson darker sides of himself he was oblivious to. Now Lucifer raises the stakes and attaches to Jackson’s wrist an Ouroboros, an ancient bracelet in the form of a snake biting it’s own tail; the fabled Cuff of Kosala. The Cuff, when commanded accurately, gives the wearer unprecedented power. Jackson resists employing the Cuff, but is forced to command it through events perpetrated by the finesse of Lucifer’s deceptions. Once Jackson gets a taste of being in control of such intoxicating power, his unconscious Shadow traits begins to emerge from the depths of his psyche. With this Cuff, anything he wants can be his…including solidifying Nalani’s affection. Oh…temptation creeps in like a cat on the prowl! A man who has long been developing the ‘spiritually-oriented’ Light side of his soul, is now being tantalized by characteristics far less admirable rising up from the hidden depths of his psyche.

In a stunning revelation, Lucifer offers Jackson one key challenge. To find his way to the true ‘Wholeness’ that Jackson’s been seeking all these years, the answer lies in passing through this Shadow world, not avoiding it. Can Jackson manage to bring his conscious awareness to his buried, disowned ‘selves’, his ‘Shadowlings’? Or will he fall prey to being swallowed up by the exhilarating trance of unlimited power at his fingertips? And what of the lovely Nalani? The mind-bending finale will leave the reader astonished…and quite possibly filled with a fresh interest in a little self-inquiry.

What People Are Saying

“Not since “The Devil and Daniel Webster” by Stephen Vincent Benet has the Faustian bargain been so cleverly presented. This deftly crafted novel by Will Schneider is a riveting read from beginning to end and very highly recommended for community library collections. For personal reading lists it should be noted that “Lucifer’s Game” is also available in a Kindle edition ($14.95).”
Small Press Bookwatch, Midwest Book Review
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“A complex yet deftly crafted novel, “Lucifer’s Game” is a compelling read from beginning to end and clearly establishes author Will Schneider as a major literary talent of the first order. Original and unique, thoughtful and thought–provoking, “Lucifer’s Game” is very highly recommended for personal reading lists, as well as community and academic library Contemporary Literary Fiction collections.”

Michael Dunford, Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

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Lucifer’s Game, Book One: The Realm of Shadows by Will Schneider is the first book in an up -and-coming series and was published in 2015.  The sequel is currently being written.  It is a quick read at 262 pages but every page is used wisely.  You will not want to put the book down.

The characters of the book are well developed and feel like they could be people you actually know in real life.  They are very well rounded and it feels like they could step off the page at any time.  The book itself is well written.  The language is vivid and the word choice well picked to clearly paint the pictures in your mind.  The book, though it does make you think, is easy to understand.  The book was a page turner for me until the very last page.  The only thing disappointing about the book was when it ended.  I truly look forward to the sequel.

Melissa Mertz, The Portsmouth Review

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“Will Schneider is an excellent storyteller. It’s clear that he also understands the structures of ego, superego, and the struggle we all experience in our quest to explore and expand our deeper nature. His perspective on Lucifer gives a modern look at an age-old nemesis and how this archetype gets under our skin, disguised as one of many interior voices. Will makes the point that our familiar, every-day awareness leaves us vulnerable to Lucifer’s watchful eye and manipulative ways. He makes it clear that the best way to deal with Lucifer’s nefarious and slippery influence is to ‘snap out of it,’ stay awake and bring the light of presence to our unconscious ‘selves’.
This engaging narrative stimulates thought and self- inquiry, and explores levels of transcendence and inner balance.”

Samuel G. Bonasso

Diamond Heart Newsletter


“Through a most beguiling story, Lucifer’s Game invites you to take a peek under the covers, as it were, to acknowledge, and perhaps embrace, your disowned and rejected selves that are calling out for attention and healing, opening your soul to the possibility of true transcendence and spiritual balance.”

Dannion Brinkley, Author of NY Times Bestseller, Saved by the Light and Secrets of the Light

Lucifer’s Game is enjoyable and insightful. It entertains with wit, sophistication and great characters. I couldn’t put it down.

Sylva Dvorak, PhD, Co-Author of NY Times Bestseller, Your Hidden Riches: Unleashing the Power of Ritual to Create a Life of Meaning and Purpose

A fascinating novel that leaves no reader untouched, Lucifer’s Game is a spellbinding tale that delves into the human struggle between our often hidden shadow and our capacity to live in the light. A must read for everybody inquiring about the True Self, spiritual Wholeness and wanting to develop a life of Self-Realization.

Siegmar Gerken, The Core Evolution Institute

Will Schneider invites us on an exciting journey that takes us to the cliff’s edge of temptation and darkness in the ultimate game of good and evil and the triumphant human spirit.

Brent N. Hunter, Social Media Pioneer, Author of The Rainbow Bridge

Lucifer’s Game is so visual it feels like a movie. The story is powerful, intriguing and entertaining. It’s loaded with life-changing insights, leaving us with a banquet of food for thought.

Dea Shandera-Hunter, Former Executive Vice President, MGM Worldwide Television

Our world is in trouble. Everywhere we look we see conflict. But what’s really going on. Will Schneider’s masterpiece peels back the layers to reveal the inside story. Lucifer’s Game is a timeless classic and a riveting read that will change your world forever!

Brian Weller, Spiritual teacher and international business consultant

The contrast between the light in Jackson Trent, the main character and the dark in the very colorful Lucifer results in a story that is truly unforgettable. This book has major motion picture written all over it.

Michael Berlin, Ph.D, Executive Producer/Writer, Bass Clef Bliss

Lucifer’s Game is a brilliantly woven metaphysical ‘guide book’ to higher conscious awareness. It is cleverly crafted to illuminate the Light and show the Shadow within us, revealing a path to true spiritual growth.

Jeff Harman, Spiritual Counselor, Astrologer and Filmmaker