Author and spiritual explorer, Will Schneider, has written a captivating
metaphysical novel that leaves no reader untouched. Lucifer’s Game is a
spellbinding and engaging tale, which invites you to listen in on intriguing
dialogues that reflect the wisdom teaching of the ages. What is our inner ‘Light’?
Who is our ‘Shadow’? As this captivating narrative unfolds, one cannot resist
embarking on a personal inquiry/journey into ones own dynamic of shadow and
light, which opens the possible connection with ones True Self.
Will Schneider has teamed up with world-renowned therapist, researcher and
master inner guide, Siegmar Gerken, PhD. for a unique workshop to support you
on your journey and to deepen the inquiry that this book may have triggered. We
invite you to join us in a profound exploration of one key part of our inner world; The Dance Between Our Light and Our Shadow.

By bringing our Presence to embrace our shadow side, we can understand its needs and compulsions. The Shadow Work Process offers a safe ground to explore and to transform unfulfilling aspects of ones shadow. This opens up new choices for your Essential Self to be
expressed with creativity, joy and heartfelt awakeness, as a fresh sense of inner
equilibrium and balance begins to emerge.
When: June 11- 12
Where: Fairfax Community Church – Fairfax CA

If you are interested in this down-to- earth, joyful transformative experience, please
contact Will :

Siegmar Gerken, PhD., HP (Psychotherapy) has pioneered body-oriented and
mindfulness-centered therapy since 1971. He is on the faculty of the following:
JFK University Somatic Psychology, the Esalen Institute and Behavioral Therapy
Training Institute in Hamburg Germany. In addition, he teaches at universities and
private institutes worldwide. He is co-founder of the International Institute of Core
Evolution. For over 40 years, Siegmar has guided seekers of Spirit on the
conscious path to meet and transform their own shadow. He conducts his workshop
Embrace Your Shadow Within on 4 continents.