Join us Tuesday December 15 from 8pm-9pm PST and on Radio World Indie.

Author and metaphysical explorer, Will Schneider, will be talking about his new book, Lucifer’s Game , and a certain perspective of consciousness; the integration of the light and the shadow.  Deep training from a variety of exceptional spiritual teachings has allowed him to develop an understanding regarding the human inner landscape.

Will Schneider will discuss bringing, with clarity and compassion, conscious awareness to our Shadow. He will explore how these Shadowlings can be recognized and acknowledged, and, in so doing, possibly opening up the untapped creativity they each may be holding.  By bringing one’s full awareness to bear, one can ‘hold’ both the Light and the Shadow, creating a state of inner balance and equilibrium.

Will Schneider has just release his exciting first novel. Provocative, entertaining, humorous and Lucifer’s Game is an exploration in the dance between the light and the shadow within. The book reads like a cross between a metaphysical thriller, a touching romance, and a self-help bestseller. Think Celestine Prophecy sits down at My Dinner with Andre and converses with Debbie Ford’s The Dark Side of the Light


“Radio World Indie is a Global Freeform internet radio station. We feature only Independent Artists.

 Our goal at Radio World Indie is to foster the growth of local culture and community. We will select an artist to feature each month and invite them to perform live, if location allows. We promote the artists by playing their music and encouraging listeners to find out more by sharing links to those artists.”

And if you can’t make it, the interview will be re-aired Thursday, 6pm-7pm



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